Glass is far superior to other packaging material because of its countless advantages.

The glass industry has been around for thousands of years and provides many advantages in relation to taste, health and quality. Additionally, glass is infinitely recyclable which helps preserve our natural environment.


Inert and taint-free, glass does not compromise the taste of food or drink but instead safeguards them from moisture, aroma and gaseous escape or penetration.


Significantly stronger than most other packaging material, glass is non-reactive and therefore does not lose its shape with age or time.


Glass needs no artificial additives or internal coatings to preserve the contents that it protects which means no contamination by harmful chemicals, making it superior to plastic, cans and cardboard.

Environmental Sustainability

Made from all natural ingredients, the purity of glass grants it the ability to be indefinitely recyclable without ever losing its quality. It is one hundred percent recyclable.


Glass helps preserve the quality of packaged products by maintaining its freshness and taste for longer periods. The chemical composition of glass is neither interactive nor does it compromise the quality of food or beverage or present any health risks to consumers.